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Games industry commentary and news from professional developers and guests. New episodes every Sunday and Wednesday!

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    GPR- LIVE at Rocket City NerdCon

    Special guests Matt and Kara join us to do a panel all about the games industry, jobs, education, development, and more. Join us for the hour-long Q&A!

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    49¢ Bangers - WayOut

    WayOut is our out for the series! Check out the final chapter in the 49¢ Banger saga!

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    GPR - Casey's a cult leader

    Spooktober time! We talk cults, favorite horror games, toxic gamers, give our Humble Opinions, and more!

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    GPR - The Industry is CRAZY FT. Brandon

    Special guest Brandon Stephens, a game designer at Twisted Pixel Games, joins us to talk about his time in the industry and more!

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    GPR - RPG First Loves

    Board games, card games, and our RPG first loves this week

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    .49¢ Bangers - Tribal Pass

    Can you save the tribe, because we sure can't... Tribal Pass is one of the hardest banger's we've played to date.

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    GPR - Casey's Sober Sunday

    Casey's back! First weekend of the month means we give our 'Humble Opinions" on this month's bundle, and more!

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    .49¢ Bangers - UBERMOSH

    Crack investigative work was required to bring you the deets on this one! Strap on your murder sword and come to the UBERMOSH

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    GPR - Top 100 games breakdown

    In our longest podcast yet we go through our opinions on PC Gamer's top 100 PC games. Buckle in, we have a lot to say.

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    .49¢ Bangers - samurai_jazz

    We take a journey through a self-proclaimed "pixelated nightmare" and find out just how true it is...

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    GPR - Creep and Cooks

    We give our 'Humble Opinions' on this month's bundle, talk about what we've been playing, and get into some design talks

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    .49¢ Bangers - Orbt XL

    It's time for Orbt XL a single button banger where you try to not fall in a black hole!

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    GPR - Now with premium crates!

    We cover the news of the week, talk about what we've been playing, and finally break down our thoughts on Gwent and the new Elder Scrolls card game.

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    GPR - Casey's Sports Game Conundrum

    Casey talks about what he's been playing this last week and tries to understand why game devs don't play sports games. Garrett plays too many bad mobile titles and wants an Atari box.

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    GPR - It Begins

    In our inaugural episode, we talk VR, movies, game budgets, and much more.

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